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Angler of the Year and Team of the Year Race - Watch this video to learn more

  • AOY & TMOY Points are awarded based on how anglers/team finish at each event.

  • Points are awarded in a % basis, based on the winning angler/teams score. 

  • Whatever percentage your score equals in comparison to the winners score is the AOY score you get. 

  • For simple math, if the winner has 100 inches, and you have 90 inches (regardless if you're in 2nd place or 25th place) you get 90 AOY points. If you have 99 inches (regardless of what place that puts you) you get 99 AOY points. It is always based off of how well you did in comparison to the winner who sets the 100% bar for the entire field that day. 

  • Why? This allows anglers to really get what they deserve in terms of how well they fished. If an angler blows out the field by 10 inches, he/she deserves an appropriate AOY score that reflects how good a day they had on the water. Likewise, if an angler (or several) loses by just a 1/4 of an inch, they deserve to have an AOY score that reflects how great a day they actually had compared to the winner. 

  • AOY & TMOY will be the sum of your AOY and TMOY points for 3 total events, with one of those being the "Broodstock" (finale) each year. This requires anglers to just fish a minimum of 2 (of the 5) regular season events, and of course the "Broodstock" finale. If an angler/team chooses to fish more than 2 regular season events (3, 4 or 5) then their AOY/TMOY score will be their top 2 point finishes, combined with their "Broodstock" points. This allows for a few mulligans, if you will. 

  • Yes, you can be a part of two teams and get TMOY points for both teams! Sometimes your partner may not be able to make it, so if you want to fish 4 or all 5 regular season events and your partner doesn't, you can get a different team going with the new partner for some of the events You will earn the same TMOY points but of course you will have to make a final decision on which team you will fish on for "Broodstock" to get that 3rd and final event which determines our Team of the Year.

  • The prize packages for AOY will be released before the season begins! Good luck! 

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