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Ryan Reed


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Tyler Bean


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Content Creator Disclaimer

Creators recommended on this page DO NOT receive any information or exceptions for tournament competition from KAS. Creators that want to be featured on this page are simply added to this page to help to promote their brand and hard work. We of course appreciate the time it takes and their attendance at any of our events, and will promote their attendance so that their fans can know when and where they can meet them in person. If you would like to be featured, please fill out the form below. 


Content Creators & Podcasters Form 
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We welcome partnering with any kayak fishing content creators that hold to our core values of the sport, and share the same passion for the diversity that is the kayak and all the ways it can be used to catch bass. If you'd like to be promoted on the KAS website (photo, links to your channel, socials etc) please fill out the form below. At times we will "share" and tag your content through our social channel/s and potentially even show some of your great content on the theater big screen at one of our Awards Show's. If you can attend any of the KAS events we may have other in-person opportunities for you as well. Just list any potential events you may be able to make in the section below. 

General Criteria for consideration (exceptions can be made). Must have the following # of subscribers/followers etc on the following platforms - YouTube (2,500K+ subscribers) {} Instagram (3,500+ followers) {} TikTok (3,500+ followers) {} Facebook page (2,500 fans)

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