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Chase the wild! The Kayak Adventure Series is all about helping anglers get the most out of their kayaks by exploring new regions, and new water, while doing so in a unique competitive format that guarantees only one thing - a good time. No matter what happens on the water, the anglers, their friends and family will make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime at each stop! 


Let's face it, no one can guarantee the big fish will bite, and when they do we can't even guarantee you'll get them in your kayak! At the end of a tournament only one angler, and one team, will win 1st place. However, at the KAS everyone will be a part of an adventurous experience that takes them to some of the most hidden gem fisheries, and nearby scenic towns and unique awards venues - their historic theaters. Anglers will have opportunities and challenges to win in so many new ways, and prize categories, besides just catching the longest 5 bass.


Our unique 1.5 day format that allows us to come together on Thursday evening for Opening Ceremonies, check-in & festivities (music, food, games, merch tents etc) and a fellowship with our fellow anglers is how the events kick off. The tournament doesn't start until Friday afternoon so there is no rush or reason to leave Thursday's party, which is going to make for some fun times and potentially late nights! If you end up being out too late don't worry you can sleep it off on Friday because the opening "Afternoon Sesh" doesn't start until Friday afternoon (usually 3-7). We want to make sure anglers, even the most competitive, have every opportunity to also enjoy the off-the-water festivities and social time without feeling like they're losing ground because these are the memories that this series and life is all about! On Friday morning, before the "Afternoon Sesh," we have an (optional) Breakfast Seminar Series w/ celebrity anglers & biologists presenting on topics relevant to our anglers. Feel free to bring your tackle, rods or reels to gear up while you watch and learn from the pros!


The KAS is a 5-fish limit across the two days, which makes for some interesting strategy for the Friday "Afternoon Sesh" for our anglers. Being 5-fish over the weekend allows you to never have to "save fish" so you get to keep fishing hard and setting the hook as much as possible! You can also take a big gamble and fish some "new water" on Friday knowing you can't lose the event on Friday given it's 5-fish between the two days; you can recover and still win it all on just Saturday. Anglers who do well on Friday will have the KAS film crew follow them the following day to get additional coverage, and be featured in the TV episode we'll be producing from each tour stop. However, all anglers will have a chance to be featured in the show by simply submitting footage via our submission form we'll be adding on this site before the events begin. Send us your best catches, wildlife, adventures or exciting moments you experience.


Saturday morning you're back on the water early. However, any friends or family not competing may choose to take part in our KAS Friends & Family excursion Saturday morning. It may be a hike, river tubing or just going to see a rare attraction or sight that the area holds, but either way it gives the kids and families time to connect! When fishing ends the fun is just getting started at our Closing Ceremony Festival back at our host city, complete with food trucks, drinks, music, games, bouncy houses, merch tents, kayak demos, test drives for the new '24 Toyota Tacoma and more! After the festival we'll all head over to our host theater for the Closing Ceremony Awards Show, which will be hosted by Drew Gregory, Alex Rudd and potentially other special guests throughout the series. These historic theaters don't just bring a consistency to the series for awards, but allow anglers, their friends, fans and families to get inside the cool A/C, grab food, drinks, sit back and relax in comfortable theater seats to watch photos and videos on the big screen of the weekend's on-water action! We'll bring anglers up on stage who are receiving prize money, or awards, and give them an experience of a lifetime to receive their trophies on a true stage, with theater lighting, sound and special atmosphere. Ultimately just one angler and one team will get to hold the winning trophy for the event, as they're drowned in confetti and applause from a packed theater of their peers, families and friends. 


Oh, but the fun and night doesn't end there because remember it's just Saturday; after the awards whoever wants to join us heads out to the official KAS Afterparty location, and who knows what will go down at this point...more food? Sure. drinks? Yes please. Cornhole? Is that a question? Karaoke? If it gets late enough! You're probably starting to feel our vibe. Bottom line, we want anglers to make memories and really connect with others that all share a common bond of fishing for these little black bass in plastic watercraft. 


Other unique parts to the format or rules can be found in the full rules standards here, but to highlight some of the more fun or unique rules we'll list a few of our favorites here. How about bringing back the popular 2-man team division from when Drew ran the old River Bassin Trail, where they'll compete in an exciting Team of the Year Race (TMOY). Two anglers combined 10-fish limit (5 from each) helps promote camaraderie and encourages people to either fish together (they don't have to of course) and/or drive together to events. Speaking of the AOY & TMOY, the new format for AOY scoring is something we're very excited about. Watch this video to learn more about this unique format, but the short version is that anglers will get the exact AOY points they earn at each event based on how many inches they caught in a % relation to the winners total; it doesn't simply go down by a set increment which helps anglers get exactly what they earned. The Crescent Kayaks Kids Division presented by 5-Star Heating & Air awards the top youth in the event with a new kayak, and the top lady angler is awarded the Women's Fishing Federation Award at each event for the highest placing female angler.


Motors? Allowed. Portaging over natural obstacles? Allowed. All electronics? Allowed. Accessing from any legal public access? Allowed. Lakes, rivers or creeks? All in play. Let's face it, we all have different styles, so choose your own adventure and let's celebrate our diversity and what makes the kayak so great! 


 "Trolling" is a legal method? Yessir. Using two rods at once? Yup. Why not allow a 2nd rod/reel to be in use for those rare exciting times it may help catch another, or bigger fish!? Whether trolling or throwing at a "follower" who's following the fish you're hooked up with we want to see it! Hopefully you capture it on GoPro for us all to watch on the big screen! What about this "Micro Bag" division? This comes free with anyone who enters the "Individual Division," and it's just another way to win and have fun by catching the smallest 5-fish limit. Yeah, this one is going to be a blast because it allows anglers who's day isn't going as planned (or some may choose to target this category from the start) to enjoy detouring the opposite direction - smaller baits, and maybe smaller water all in search of the elusive 25-inch limit of all 5-inch (minimum length)'s not as easy as you think, but it is more fun than you think! We just want to give anglers other targets, goals and challenges to shoot for so they're never "out of it" when they get dealt a bad hand because let's face it it's just not fun to have to "fold!"  


Ok, more fun stuff, what about a 100-inch Century Belt!? 100 inches is a rare feat in the kayak game, so for goodness sake if you catch 100 you're strapping a belt on as we award it to you on stage for a feat worthy of a gaudy fake wrestling belt like this. How about getting a $100 or more gift card for tackle by cleaning up some trash? We call it "Tackle for Trash" presented by Omnia Fishing. Another fun way to win, and to give you hope heading into Saturday is our "Day 2 Darkhorse" presented by Darkhorse Tackle. The angler who jumps up the most places from Day 1 to Day 2 will be our Day 2 Darkhorse and receive a nice prize package from Darkhorse TackleGoPro's Epic Edit award is presented to the angler who makes the best edit of their previous KAS tournament stop, and will be announced and shown on the big screen theater at the next tournament stop as sort of an "opening act" before the Awards begin. Oh, and the GoPro prize pack for this, yeah, it's not small! Yet another reason to film yourself on the Kayak Adventure Series!

If you can't tell we just love getting together and kayak fishing. It's the most diverse platform of all watercraft and has the ability to bring people of all different backgrounds together for a good time. So, no matter what your kayak fishing style is (simple, complex or somewhere in between), the KAS not just welcomes it but wants to celebrate it and promote you and the incredible diversity within our sport. We rule this series with one overarching thought in mind..."how can we help the anglers either catch more fish, bigger fish, bond off-water or just have more fun?" 

Part tournament, part expedition, part festival - the Kayak Adventure Series is one that kayak anglers will not want to miss in '24. ​


Shanon C., Kansas 


Kevin, PA


Kayak Bass Fishing

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