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2024 Kayak Adventure Series Divisions

Individual Division - Compete on your own as an individual. 5-longest bass over the course of Friday afternoon (3-7pm) plus Saturday (typically sunrise-3pm). Minimum length is 10 inches for this division. Entry fee is $150 and qualifies you for the payouts in this division, plus automatically qualifies you into the "micro bag" division (read more about it below) if you choose to submit for the smallest 5 bass category as well. 

X-2 Team Division - 2-person teams score their 10 best fish (5 from each angler). Anglers do not have to fish together. Entry fee is $150 ($75 per angler).  Anglers in the team division are not required to enter the Individual Division. This allows people who just want to spend as little as $75 to be a part of the tournament weekend. 

Z-MAN Micro Finesse "Micro Bag" Division - 5 smallest bass with a 5-inch minimum and 9.75 inch maximum. This division was designed to keep people "in the game" and having fun on the water even if they big fish aren't biting as well as they'd like. Some anglers may focus on this from the very beginning, whereas others may only resort to it as a last gasp. Either way, it has a legitimate payout and is surprisingly fun and challenging. Any fish between 5 inches and 9.75 should be submitted to the leaderboard as you normally would, except these fish will go towards your "Micro Bag" Leaderboard and not the Individual Division leaderboard. Who will get the first 25-inch Anti-Mega Micro Bag? 

Batteries Plus Sunday Side Pot Tournament - An inexpensive ($25) separate tournament open to anyone on who wants a little more fishing on Sunday. This is a laid back 5-longest bass over the course of a 6 hour event (you choose your 6 hours) starting from when you check in on TourneyX. There is no awards ceremony, just some Batteries Plus Gift Cards or X2 Batteries products sent to the winners. This event was created for a couple of angler groups. Obviously there are some anglers who will fish all the main tournaments over the weekend who simply want more fishing during their time there. However, this is also a great event if you're either newer kayak fishing scene and just want to enter a tournament to see what it's all about, or as practice for a higher stakes tournament, or if you simply couldn't make the main events for some reason. 

Crescent Kayaks Kids Division presented by 5-Star Heating & Air - Top Youth (ages 12 - 18) at each event wins a new Crescent Kayak and the top 3 youth will be honored on stage. Entry fee is $75 and it also enters the them in the Individual Division. * 16 years or under requires a parents signed waiver upon registration. **minimum of 5 youth must be registered for kayak giveaway. If less than 5 youth registered, youth will receive a Trophy and prize.

Top Lady Anglers presented by the Women's Fishing Federation - Top 3 female anglers are recognized on stage for their weekend's accomplishments on the water. 

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