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"Wisconsin Riverfest"presented by Feelfree Kayaks

    Sept 6-7th, 2024

    Sauk Prairie, WI

@ Bonham Theater


Cheese curds, quality beer, the Packers, and quite frankly some of the best fishing in the country are all things that Wisconsin is known for. The hardest part about planning a tournament in the state is picking "where." However, if you're going to start somewhere it has to be the state's main river vein - the Wisconsin River - which has numerous lengthy free flowing sections and is also dammed to form some incredible lake fisheries. 


While it's no secret smallmouth will be the main target for the free flowing river anglers, don't overlook how big the greenies get in those vegetation rich lakes or river backwaters. As with many other KAS events, this will be a battle between two species of black bass, and which species strategy ends up prevailing. No matter which way you go this event will show our anglers a good time, with over 90 river-lake miles to choose from, good numbers of bass will caught during what's typically "hot" and "tough" fishing for the rest of the country. Come cool off in Sauk Prairie with us! 

Sauk Prairie lies centrally located on the river system and has incredible restaurants, facilities and attractions all within 45 minutes. The Bonham Theater, site of our Closing Ceremony Awards Show, is literally on the river so beach your kayak, hit up concessions, walk inside and sit back enjoy the Closing Ceremony Awards Show to cheer on all the winners!

Wisconsin Riverfest

One great river forming numerous lake sections and over 90 miles of free flowing water to choose from

"Wisconsin Riverfest" Basic Event Information (scroll down for hour by hour itinerary & more detailed info)

Tournament Dates: September 6 & 7th                                    Official Kayak Sponsor of the Wisconsin Riverfest

Tournament Week: September 1-8th

Host City/ies: Sauk Prairie, WI -

River/Lakes: Lake Wisconsin {} Wisconsin River {} Baraboo River {} Lemonweir River & all their free flowing tributaries

---  Scroll down this page for detailed map w/ boundaries & preview video.

Registration/Divisions:  (Scoring powered by the "Realtree Fishing Realtime Leaderboard powered by TourneyX)

Other Awards (ways to win): 

  • Badger State Kayak Fishing Championship joint event - 

  • Boonedox Big Bass: longest bass award receives the KAS Big Bass Bling  trophy...just wait. 

  • GoPro's Epic Edit Award:  Best edit of the previous KAS tournament to be shown on the theater big screen as a "preview" before awards

  • Crosskix Century Belt:  All anglers who catch 100+ inches at a tournament will receive a century belt award on stage at that event13 Fishing's $13,000 Bass Bounty: Seriously, 13K in tagged bass w/ different bounties on them - "Make your own luck"

  • "Tackle for Trash": Angler who picks up the most unique trash item while on the water wins $100 gift card to TBD

  • Raffle Kayak/s: Proceeds going towards our supporting riverkeepers, and Pediatric Cancer through the PUNT Foundation.

  • Day 2 Darkhorse: presented by, who else, Darkhorse Tackle: Angler who jumps the most places from Day 1 to Day 2 

  • Crescent Kids Kayak: The top youth at each event will win a Crescent kayak, thanks to 5 Star Heating & Air  & Crescent Kayaks

Opening Ceremonies: Vintage Brewing 600 Water St, Sauk City, WI  & Riviera Bowl & Pizzeria next door

Closing Ceremonies Social (Yard Games, Kayak Demos, Food etc)Vintage Brewing 600 Water St, Sauk City, WI

Closing Ceremonies (Awards Show): Bonham Theater @ 564 Water St, Prairie Du Sac, WI 

Closing Ceremonies (Afterparty):  Vintage Brewing 600 Water St, Sauk City, WI 

Recommended Lodging/Camping:  *Holiday Inn Express (Official Hotel Partner) {} *Merry Macs Campground (Official Campground Partner) {} Escape to the Lake {} {} Burhops Lakeside Lodge {} Wisconsin River Retreat {} Devils Lake Grand Cabin {} Devils Lake Lodge {} Devils Lake State Park Campgrounds {} Lower Ice Age Campground {} Upper Ice Age Campground {} Devils Lodge {Buddy's River Resort  {} Crystal Lake Campground  {} Cedar Hills Campground {} Skillet Creek Campground {} Green Valley Campground {} {} Skyview Motel

Recommended Fishing/Kayak Retailers: Wilderness Fish & Game {} Rutabaga Paddlesports {} Rocktown Adventures (Rockford, IL)

Recommended Restaurants/bars: Riviera Bowl & Pizzeria (site of Saturday's afterparty {} Vintage Brewing  {} La Mexicana {} Jose's Mexican {} Culvers (The original Culvers) {} Hot Dog Avenue  {} C2 Juicery & Eats {} Delicias Monarkas {} Dorf Haus {} Eagle Inn {} Ferry X-ing Bar & Grill {} Fish Tales Restaurant {} Green Acres {} H's Place {} Lake Wisconsin Country Club {} Mac's Pub & Grub {} Milio's {} Prairie House Food & Spirits {} Que's Bar & River Deck {} The Shop Fair Valley - Bar & Grill {} Wollersheim Winery, Distillery, & Bistro

Recommended Non-fishing Activities / Sites to see: Devils Lake State Park {} Riverview Adventure Company (bike & river tubing rentals) {} Sauk City Riverfront Park (splashpad, playground, walking trails, river access, beach) {} Merrimac Ferry (free ferry across lake Wisconsin) {} Wisconsin Scenic Byway 60 {} Parfrey's Glenn State Natural Area (trails w/ rock formations & gorge) {} Natural Bridge State Park {} Ferry Bluff Natural Area  

Non-fishing KAS Sanctioned Event (open to all friends & family): TDB

Kayak Demos: Saturday 2pm-5:30pm @ beach behind Vintage Brewing

Bass U Brunch, presented by Bass University: 10:00am-12:00 @ Bonham Theater (downstairs theaters)

  • 10:00-10:45am - TBD

  • 10:50-11:35am-  TBD

  • 11:40-12:25pm- TBD

Kayak Fishing Faith Fellowship: Saturday, 5:30pm @ Bonham Theater

Supporting Riverkeepers: Wisconsin Smallmouth Alliance  

Supporting Charity: Pediatric Cancer through PUNT Foundation


Historic Bonham Theater

        Location of the Closing Ceremony Awards Show

"Wisconsin Riverfest" Detailed Itinerary

February 7th  ---

February 7th  -----

Aug 23rd - Sep 5th 

Sept 1st  ----------

Sept 2nd ----------

Sept 5th  ---------

Sept 6th --------

Sept 7th ---------

Sept 8th  ---------

 Early registration begins

 Official Preview Livestream/Podcast on the Kayak Adventure Series YouTube Channel (11am est)

 Pre-fishing window begins (max of 4 days on the water within this 2-week window)

 Early registration ends

 Late Registration begins (ends Aug 5th). Increased entry fee, no sponsors gift bag ($100 value)
 Thursday - Opening Ceremony Social @ Vintage Brewing

 4:00pm - Check in & late registration begins

 4:00pm - Merch tents & yard games open, food & drinks begin

 5:30pm - Pre-fishing ends (must be off water)

 6:00pm - Live Music begins

 6:30pm - Check in & late Registration ends

 7:00pm - 7:30pm - Optional Rules Q&A Session (inside Vintage Brewing)

 7:30pm - whenever -  Food, drinks, music, games - HAVE FUN!

 Friday - "Afternoon Sesh"  4-hour afternoon sesh to get the tournament started

AM: Rigging, shuttling, exploring, scouting etc all allowed - NO LAUNCHING or FISHING

10:00am - Bass U Brunch @ Bonham Theater (see speakers & times above in "basic event info")

2:30pm - Launching, paddling, pedaling, motoring allowed (no fishing). "Check in" on TourneyX app

3:00pm - Your "Afternoon Sesh" lines in; tournament weekend officially begins

7:00pm - Lines out; day 1 fishing ends

8:15pm - All fish submission photos due

8:15pm - 8:30pm - LIVE Day 1 recap & Day 2 ID released

 Saturday - "Send it Saturday" presented by Uncle Larry's Outdoors #neverendthesend

6:00am - Launching, paddling, pedaling, motoring allowed (no fishing)

6:30am - Lines in; tournament day 2 officially begins

9:30am - Official family, friends & fans activity/meetup (TBD)

2:00pm - Food trucks, Merch tents & yard games open @ Vintage Brewing/Riviera Pizza & Bowl parking lot/yard

3:00pm - Lines out, day 2 fishing ends

3:00pm - 4:00pm - Don't forget to check out on Tourney X

4:15pm - All fish submission photos due

5:30pm - Closing Ceremony Festival ends; head to Bonham Theater for Closing Ceremony Awards

5:30pm - Fisherman's Faith Fellowship (open to all) @ Bonham Theater

6:00-7:00pm - Closing Ceremony Awards @ Bonham Theater

7:00pm - Winner/s photos on stage

7:15pm - Winners press conference/livestrea
7:30pm - whenever - Afterparty @ Riviera Pizza & Bowl (KAS has rented out entire bowling alley)

 Batteries Plus+ Sunday Side Pot Tournament (6 hours fishing from your "check in" time on TourneyX)

Lines in @ your "check in" time on TourneyX
Lines out 6 hours after your "check in"

Photos due by 8pm, winners & results posted on KAS Socials

   - Travel Safe...see you at the next adventure

Official Preview Video

All you need to know about the Wisconsin Riverfest


Vintage Brewing Co.

Location of the Opening & Closing Ceremony Socials