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ACA Certified Kayak Fishing Instructors & Class Schedule


Sadly, "kayak anglers" lead in number of deaths out of all the paddlesports groups. This is in large part because we typically come into the sport as anglers first, and rarely focus on the critical paddling aspect which is invaluable for safety BUT also helps more than most realize in the fishing aspect as well. The following kayak fishing instructors have been trained and earned their "Instructor Certification" credential by a high level ACA Certified Instructor Educator. This ensures you're getting the best paddling skills & safety information, to go along with the fishing skills these instructors will also be teaching you in their respective classes.

The American Canoe Association (ACA) has been teaching and certifying instructors since 1880 and is one of the oldest non-profits in the country. The KAS allows these instructors to offer courses during the week (typically Sundays) of KAS events. Below are the instructors and which events they will be teaching a course, and a link for you to register for their class. Classes are only a 5:1 student/teacher ratio so sign up early to reserve your spot!

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